Accelerated Master’s

Highly-qualified students in the Applied Science, Cyber Security Concentration have the option of obtaining an accelerated Digital Forensics, MS. 

Admissions Requirements

Students in the Applied Science, Cyber Security Concentration may apply if they have earned 90 undergraduate credits with an overall GPA of at least 3.25. Criteria for admission are identical to criteria for admission to the Digital Forensics, MS program.

Accelerated Option Requirements

Students must complete all credits that satisfy requirements for the BAS and MS programs, with 6 credits overlapping from two of the following courses:

CFRS 510     Digital Forensics Analysis

CFRS 660     Network Forensics

CFRS 661     Digital Media Forensics

CFRS 664     Incident Response Forensics

The two selected courses will apply to the Technical Focus of the undergraduate degree and to the Core Courses of the graduate degree.

Degree Conferral

Students must apply for graduation the semester before they expect to complete the BAS requirements in order to have the BAS degree conferred. Additionally, at the beginning of the student’s final undergraduate semester, students must complete a Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition form. At the completion of MS requirements, a master’s degree is conferred.

How to Apply

When students have earned between 75-100 credit hours they may apply as a potential Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s student.

An application guide is available here.