Human Development and Family Science

Who Should Apply?

If you have completed an associate’s in applied science (AAS) degree in early childhood development, this degree is designed for you!

Why This Degree Now?

The need for scholars and practitioners with a background in Human Development and Family Science has never been greater. In the last few decades, family life has become progressively more complex and diverse, and demographic trends at national, state, and regional levels reflect a shift in family structures, functions, and cultural backgrounds; an increased level of child and family poverty; and a larger aging population.

To meet these shifting trends, family practitioners with backgrounds in human development and family science have become essential. These individuals consistently strive to understand and work efficiently with contemporary families who have increasingly diverse needs.

Why Choose Mason?

• Our program will build on your current skills to make you more competitive in Virginia’s growing workforce. We will help you maximize your accumulated credits and ‘life credits.’

• With an interdisciplinary approach and an emphasis on experiential learning, theory, and research, this degree program prepares students to understand how children and adults develop within the contexts of their families, communities, and society and to support optimal development and opportunities for all.

• Students will learn to work in a variety of human and family service professions and will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are necessary for addressing family and demographic needs.

• This concentration is taught by outstanding Mason faculty and emphasizes the application of community research or action research findings, while remaining grounded in family theories.

• As part of this program, you will participate in internships and experiential-based activities to build the competence you need where you live and work.

• This concentration is structured according to the standards of the following national professional organizations: American Psychological Association, National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Council on Family Relations, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Society for Research on Child Development.

Admissions Requirements

Please refer to the Admission Requirements page for full information.

This concentration is part of ADVANCE! Requirements for admission via ADVANCE can be found on NOVA’s website.


Please refer to the University Catalog to view the curriculum for this concentration.