Applied Conflict Analysis and Resolution Courses

Core Requirements

  • BAS 300 – Building Professional Competencies (3 credits)

Concentration Requirements

  • CONF 101: Conflict and Our World (3 credits)
  • CONF 210: Theories of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (3 credits)
  • CONF 302: Culture, Identity, and Conflict (3 credits) – writing intensive course
  • CONF 490: Integration – synthesis requirement (3 credits)
Choose 1 (3 credits):
  • CONF 300: Conflict Resolution Techniques and Practices
  • CONF 301: Research and Inquiry in Conflict Resolution
Choose 2 (6 credits):
  • CONF 320: Interpersonal Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • CONF 330: Community, Group, and Organizational Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • CONF 340: Global Conflict Analysis and Resolution

In consultation with their advisor, students are required to take 18 credits of concentration coursework; at least 9 credits must be from the CONF department.  The concentration list can be found in the catalog or on our website.

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TOTAL: 39 – 42 credits

Please note: Prior to registering, please verify if there are prerequisites for the course. You may consult with your adviser or visit the course catalog for more information.


Students will take remaining credits as electives. Please note that 45 hours of upper level coursework are required to fulfill all university general education requirements.  For advising, please consult with Jane Walker at ( for more information.

Advising Form

Important Dates