Cyber Security Courses

Core Requirements (13 credits)

This concentration is in collaboration with the Volgenau School of Engineering and is only available to students who graduate with an AAS in Cyber Security or an AAS in IST with a Cyber Security Career Studies Certificate from the Northern Virginia Community College system.

  • BAS 300 – Building Professional Competencies (3 credits)
  • BAS 490 – Research in Applied Field (3 credits)
  • BAS 491 – Final Project (3 credits)

Concentration in Cyber Security

All courses for this concentration are available in an online format with most offered as asynchronous delivery.
Please visit the Masononline website for the most current list of courses being offered.

  • IT 104 – Introduction to Computing (3 credits)*
  • IT 105 – IT Architecture Fundamentals (3 credits)
  • IT 223 – Information Security Fundamentals (3 credits)
  • IT 304 – IT in the Global Economy (3 credits)
  • IT 353 – Information Defense Technologies (3 credits)
  • IT 357 – Computer Crime, Forensics and Auditing  (3 credits)
  • IT 366 – Network Security  (3 credits)
  • IT 462 – Information Security Principles (3 credits)

Electives (minimum 15 credits required)

Students in this concentration have 15 credit hours of required IT or MBUS coursework, selected in consultation with their advisor.
All BAS students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of coursework. Students will work with their advisor to determine how to fulfill their outstanding credit hours to ensure they have met all major and university requirements. The number of elective credits that a BAS student may have available will vary by concentration and the amount of applicable transfer coursework the student has been awarded.

For additional information regarding these requirements, please consult with the Academic Program Coordinator, Krystal Dains, at (


Important Dates