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About 4-VA

Universities Collaborating to Realize Virginia’s Goals for Higher Education

Started in 2010 with support from the governor and the Virginia Legislature, 4-VA is a consortium of four Virginia universities – George Mason University, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and University of Virginia – that are working together to realize Virginia’s goals for higher education.

Goals for 4-VA

4-VA’s mission is to promote students success through inter-university collaborations that are designed to make the most of the strengths of each university in order to accomplish much more than any university could achieve alone. 4-VA strives to

  • Decrease the cost of delivering instruction to Virginia students
  • Significantly expand access for all Virginians to programs preparing them for rewarding careers
  • Increase research competitiveness
  • Enhance the success rate of students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses and programs

Expanding access to education for all Virginians includes developing degree programs that are online so they can be completed by Virginia residents anywhere they reside or work. So far, 4-VA has developed two such programs. Visit 4-VA.org to see whether one of these online degree completion programs is right for you.