Technology and Innovation

Why This Degree?

This degree is ideal for those who desire to gain workplace and industry-wide technical competencies, to complete a bachelor’s degree, and to enhance personal earning potential. Courses will enhance your business know-how and information technology skills in order to prepare you for the global business place.

There is a demand for computer specialists in numerous industries, including IT, education, finance, health care, and telecommunication. Analysts at the Virginia Workforce Connection provide statistics predicting that by the year 2018 the Commonwealth of Virginia will have added more than 60,000 new jobs in computer specialist fields. Because of this need for tech-savvy workers, Virginia universities are increasing the number and capacity of programs focusing on meeting this need.

If you have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in a technology- or business-related field, or in Contract Management, this degree is designed for you!

This concentration:

• Will build on your current skills to make you more competitive in Virginia’s growing workforce. We will help you maximize your accumulated credits and ‘life credits.”

• Blends business know-how and information technology to help prepare business people for state workforce demands and the global marketplace.

• Is taught by outstanding Mason faculty and offered entirely online so you can complete assignments from anywhere.

• Offers internships and experiential-based activities to build the competence you need where you live and work.

Admissions Requirements

Please refer to the Admission Requirements page for full information.

This concentration is part of ADVANCE! Requirements for admission via ADVANCE can be found on NOVA’s website.


Please refer to the University Catalog to view the curriculum for this concentration.